Sora no ue

4 pairs a day only. Anniversary stay of IZU.
Outdoor bath of hot spring in the room



Western-style room “Hana”Hana, 1st floor

「This is “Hana,” the hidden room of the Bettei Soranoue. It is a room with natural feel, a space where you can unwind as at home. Further, it is a room made of natural materials preventing sick-house syndrome, with a floor of solid boards and walls of diatomaceous earth. From the window, you can see the ocean, Hatsushima, the Izu Ito townscape; at night, you can enjoy ship lights, the night view, and the starry sky. There is no bath in the room, but you can enjoy hot springs with water freely flowing from the source in a rental bath (one hour free of charge). Meals are served in the dining room with a view.

Type of room Western-style room of 16.53 sq. m. / Shower booth
* A rental bath is available on the 1st floor.
 There is no outdoor bath in this room.
Floor number / size 1st floor / 18 sq. m.
Capacity 2 persons
Bedding 1 double bed
Conveniences One TV set
Free Wi-Fi
Meals You can have your meals in a “Hana-cocoro” private room. * You can also switch to the dining room with a view.
Drinks Drip coffee, black tea, green tea, charged refrigerated drinks (beer, water, soft drinks)

* The rental baths on the 1st floor are available for 1 hour. Prolongation is reserved separately
 Extra charge ¥2,000 (tax excluded)


  • DryersYukata robesSplit-toe socksShaving sets, cotton hygienic sets
  • ShampooConditionerBody soapToothbrush sets
  • BathrobesBath towelsTowelsSlippers

Colored yukata robes that you can choose

We have prepared colored yukata robes for both men and women.
It is also a pleasant time to choose a yukata for your partner.

Bath time

From check-in to check-out

MealsBreakfast & Dinner

Meals are prepared with an emphasis on local fish caught in Izu and organic vegetables,
and natural ingredients.
You can have your meals in a “Hana-cocoro” private room.
* You can also switch to the dining room with a view.
(Both dinner and breakfast)


hana kokoro
Private room “Hana-cocoro”

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Cakes and photo and video shoots can be prepared as a surprise for a birthday anniversary, engagement anniversary, wedding anniversary, first Izu travel anniversary, and the like.
(This is optional; specify at the time of reservation.)

Rental bath “Nakayoshinoyu (Hot spring for close friends)”Wakagaeri no yu (Rejuvenating hot spring)

The Nakayoshinoyu bath is spacious enough for two persons to relax leisurely in a wide bathtub.
A romantic bathing while looking at the night view or the moon will definitely shrink the distance between the two of you in an instant.

  • Hot spring quality / effective spring quality: simple weak alkaline spring / calcium–sodium sulfate spring / chloride hot spring
  • Indications: traumas / joint pain / back pain / recovery from fatigue, etc.