Sora no ue

4 pairs a day only. Anniversary stay of IZU.
Outdoor bath of hot spring in the room



Ito Hot Spring “Bihadanoyu (Hot spring for beautiful skin)”spa

This is the “ITO Hot Spring“, one of the three major hot springs in Japan.

This is the Ito Hot Spring, one of the three major hot springs in Japan. It is the largest in Shizuoka prefecture and spouts out the equivalent of 120 domestic bathtubfuls a minute. As a spa from time immemorial, the Ito Hot Spring, which was also loved by great writers in the Meiji era, remains a hot spring loved by many nowadays.

It is an alkaline simple hot spring with pH8.9, said to be a “hot spring for beautiful skin.” It has a cleansing effect of removing the old keratin layer of the skin, and the spring quality is easy on the skin. You can expect stress relief and an effect of recovering from fatigue by soaking in it in a relaxed manner.
At the Bettei Soranoue, you can the “hot spring for beautiful skin” with 100% water flowing freely from the source to your heart’s content.