Sora no ue

4 pairs a day only. Anniversary stay of IZU.
Outdoor bath of hot spring in the room


MealsBreakfast & Dinner

Enjoy meals that appeal to the five senses and which are prepared with seasonal foodstuffs and fresh seafood caught off the Izu Peninsula.

Main points & commitment

We prepare meals making plentiful use of seasonal vegetables and seasonal fish, including exquisite lava-grilled Kuroge Wagyu beef. Enjoy your meals through the five senses that reflect the four seasons. * Subject to change according to seasons and deliveries. Also, the course contents may change depending on the plan and guest room. Please check again after making the reservation.

Place to have dinners / breakfasts

“Sora” dining room with a view

You can leisurely enjoy your meal in the dining room with a view, if it is not room service. Depending on the plan, guest room, reservation conditions, etc., the place where you eat such as your room service and the seat in the dining room with a view may differ. Therefore, you are advised to check it at the time of the meal.